About me


My name is Alexa, Alexa Wagner, a pleasure connecting with you and sharing with you a bit about my self …

It is difficult to say where you can find me, I move a lot and constantly, probably the most of the time you find me between the Milan (office, showroom and production) and my adored mountains where I refill my energy level and get balanced and where I share quality time with my love ones (I love cooking and baking for them). In the last years I have given all my energy and passion in building and designing my name given shoe and bag collection ALEXAWAGNER – my inner dream since I was little. When I was sitting in front of my grandmother’s shoe and bag wardrobe she was saying “Alexa Schatz, you can look at them but don’t touch them”!! Luckily my Mum was not that strict with hers and I went very often dressed up to the kindergarten. There have been some lessons in the past years, being an independent in this business is challenging but not impossible! Therefore, here I am stronger than ever towards My One Direction – creating timeless beauty.
Today I benefit from the treasure of many different experiences in fashion over the last 25 years and I arrived at the point where I am happy to offer authenticity combined with high quality to be part of Your every day and journey.

I am grateful to contribute in empowering women to feel good and confident in their own skin and to make their daily decision in what to wear or what to pack easy – knowing how demanding their lives are and how precious every day time managing is.

Each woman is beautiful, special and unique and we all have to cultivate being truly ourselves. We have to teach this treasure to the younger generations and inspire them in finding their inner self. It is a gift being a woman. A shoe has that much power as probably no other fashion item has – there is something miraculous and magic how shoes can change your mood, feeling and attitude – just in the second we put a pair of shoes on the magic starts … Alexa Wagner shoes are expertly manufactured in Italy after been carefully studied and designed in each detail by me – knowing and taking care about all women different needs and to emphasize and underline her inner and outer beauty. Authenticity is my key to access to effortless, individual and unique beauty.
Delicate elegance is season less, ageless and sustainable.

Thank you, Alexa

Let’s stay connected IG #alexawagnershoes – info@alexawagner.com