With great enthusiasm, Alexa Wagner has taken the exciting plunge to realize her vivid childhood dream – her own women’s shoe line – ALEXAWAGNER.

Alexa’s passion has always been fashion combined to business and how to satisfy and make happy the final customer.After having followed first the business part in studies and then increased through the pratical experience by working in big fashion companies, one day she realized that she was ready to follow her inner dream – this was at the same moment she couldn’t find any more shoes to buy which she liked – and she always loved shoes! As Alexa is conscientious in everything she does, she started from zero to learn everything she could regarding shoes in the factories. She loves staying in the process of production and observing how an idea is getting reality, step by step, with the help of professional people – the realization of esthetic and beauty.

As she lovingly designs all her shoes, Alexa is constantly thinking of the woman who will wear her ALEXAWAGNER creations. She wants to underline with her shoes the inner beauty of each woman. A pair of shoe has a lot of power on the behavior and feeling of women. Feeling that “kick” sliding a foot into the right shoe, this magic which starts making women feel gorgeous, beautiful, feminine, sexy, cool – a unique medicine!

All ALEXAWAGNER shoes are expertly constructed from one of the best Italian manufacturers, and Alexa selects only the finest luxury materials and most glittering accessories.

ALEXAWAGNER shoes are distributed in selected multi brand boutiques and high-end department stores around the world, most in the U.S., Europe, and the Far East.

Alexa’s fascination with shoes began at a very early age, thanks to her grandmother. An elegant lady which a huge wardrobe of shoes and matching handbags! Alexa spent all the time she could in front of this rich treasure trove – fuelling her imagination and future sense of ALEXAWAGNER style through this wealth of inspiration.

Now, her business savvy combined with a true love of making beautiful things have brought her to this moment in time – ALEXAWAGNER .